About AJ Rodriguez

AJ Rodriguez has always had a passion for sketching and painting. His late-grandmother used to provide notebook paper to draw on every day as he grew up, but he was more partial toward drawing on cardboard boxes.  Over the years, he has created numerous pieces of art, donating them to the first person who ever admired them.  Restaurant owners throughout San Antonio have torn out butcher paper sketches where he sketched before, after and sometimes during his meals.

AJ’s process usually begins with a thought, theme or feeling…a rough sketch follows (sketches always accompany his larger paintings).  He enjoys painting big, bold pieces that cover a canvas with bright and/or deep, rich colors.  This usually occurs on a Sunday afternoon, when he is most relaxed in his office / studio.  He is partial to acrylic and ink, but may pick up a marker and is known to use high-quality interior paint when inspired to do so.  Each painting focuses on thick strokes, impressionistic, abstract art with deep meaning and Latino undertones.  Those observing his work often comment on their movement, shape, and multi-dimensional qualities.

AJ was most encouraged by his wife, Estelle, to take up his palette and brushes once again; she is considered his artistic, and obviously, most trusted advisor, hence “’Colecciones de art’ – A.J.’s birth name and ‘+e’ – for Estelle.””  Soon paintings were up at his home, then his family’s and friends’ homes and offices.  Soon, he hopes they will be in a gallery near you.  His debut show is being hosted in collaboration with a good friend and mentor, El Duran, a famous local artist, at Duran’s “Studio 911.”

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