Meet the Artist: AJ Rodriguez

AJ Rodriguez, a San Antonio native, has always had a passion for sketching and painting. 

Among his solo exhibitions were a series featuring S. Texas birds and scenes along the San Antonio River (curated by Arturo Almeida at the Plaza Club in 2015 and UTSA Downtown Gallery in 2016, respectively). More than 18 of his pieces were shown in his Figuras series in 2016 at Radius Center (curated by Joan Grona). In the Fall of 2017, AJ’s works were featured as an official Contemporary Art Month (CAM) event hosted by the King William Association and he participated as director of visual art for a collaborative project with Henry Brun and the Latin Playerz at Luminaria 2017. Earlier this year, AJ’s Colores y Imagenes (curated by Nina Hasselle at Dorcol Distillery Co.) demonstrated his exploration of the beauty and brutality of the Spanish bullfight. 

As one of 300 featured artists in Common Currents, A.J. was honored to have been assigned the year 1954. His work, “Su Voto es Nuestro Voz- 1954,” features his depiction of the votes that were taken at the June 19, 1954 special meeting of the San Antonio City Council’s decision to de-segregate public parks and golf courses, but not swimming pools. 

His works can be found at Robbie Felder Gallery, 5934 Broadway St., the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center (“Sol y Luna” – diptych), UTSA Art Collection (Main Campus), Credit Human Federal Credit Union (NW Branch), and numerous other businesses and residences spanning throughout San Antonio, Dallas, Kansas, California, and collectors in Mexico. 

AJ’s enjoys painting bold pieces that cover a canvas with bright and/or deep, rich colors. He works with acrylic, ink, charcoal, and oil mediums. His style relies on thick strokes and those observing his work often comment on the movement, shape, and multi-dimensional qualities of his pieces. He most enjoys hearing what objects and themes observers and those appreciative of the arts see in his paintings. 

AJ was most encouraged by his wife, Estelle, to take up his palette and brushes once again; she is considered his artistic, and obviously, most trusted advisor, hence “’Colecciones de art’ – A.J.’s birth name and ‘+e’ – for Estelle (arte is Spanish for art)” He can be found on Saturdays and Sundays at a studio he shares with his good friend and fellow artist - Jesus Toro Martinez in Lone Star Art Space. 

Portrait shot arte.jpeg